Do you need more creativity in your company, but don’t know how to start?
It’s All About The Idea is the simple and effective way to make this happen.
With 52 chapters, an exercise for every week of the year, it makes creativity attainable for everyone from accountants to zoo managers. With straightforward, understandable chapters, backed up by downloadable work sheets, it is easy to start and keep track of how you are doing. Learn how to brainstorm, how to free your inner dreams and embrace the word No. By breaking this down into easy one-a-week activities, Tuke-Hastings makes creativity simple and something that we can all aspire to. It is achievable, so no excuses…
Tom Tuke-Hastings is a natural entrepreneur, with a creative streak a mile wide. Tom has created and built various companies, from a food .com and writing cookery books, via a shirt company, food marketing consultancy, turnaround of a high end manufacturing company and starting a new men’s gifts luxury brand, Tom has used his creativity and drive to succeed to create businesses from scratch and to build them.

His current business: ‘All about the Idea’ (part of Instinctif Partners) is a great example of his ability to constantly come up with creative ideas both for clients and through running corporate creativity workshops. He has tempered his entrepreneurial flare with world best business education at the Harvard Business School, where he attended their flagship AMP program.

He enjoys: cooking, skiing, rugby, design and elephant polo.