Consumer Communications
The world of consumer communications isn’t changing, it’s changed. It’s no longer
the champagne-filled, lunch obsessed world portrayed by Ab Fab’s Patsy and Eddy
or the fluffy big phrases that mean nothing world of Siobhan Sharpe from Perfect Curve
in the BBC Series Twenty Twelve.

Social Media coupled with the 24 hour news cycle means that consumers – the people
that buy and consume your products and messages – have more power, rightly so, than
ever before. They also have more choice, are more media savvy and so are harder to reach
and influence. Consumer PR has grown up and you need to develop real conversations
with your customers that treat them as grown-ups.

The basis for our thinking sits in the thought process of if our account team was interacting
with the brand we’re developing a strategy for:

Would we like how we are being spoken to? Would we take notice of the message? Would we notice the message, is it being communicated via the right media channel, be that a newspaper, TV or radio show, social media platform, blog, website or a combination of them? Would it instil a positive reaction in us?

We put the consumer, the central piece of our jigsaw, at
the centre of all our thinking and so all of our campaigns.

We know consumers, we are consumers
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