The Health Lottery - Gambling for good causes
From obscurity to #onepoundlottery


How to convert potential customers into Health Lottery fans, while operating within strict gambling regulations, and compete with the National Lottery’s wider-reaching social voice.


We developed the right tone of voice and applied regularity of posting in accordance with Facebook
and Twitter’s algorithms. We devised and produced bespoke content for each channel and, using our
own software, we were able to monitor conversations relevant to the brand, even when not directly
@mentioned. We used the debate surrounding
the National Lottery price increase to become
the #onepoundlottery.


The impression virality of content (how shareable
it has been) increased fivefold from 36,400 in the
months before our work, to 173,800 during the
project. Facebook monthly total reach increased
from 359,368 to 908,699. Twitter engagement
increased from 26% to 70%, and we received
a third (260) of the account’s total lifetime number
of RTs (767).
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