HTC - Challenger smartphones
From quietly brilliant to loud and proud


How to get more bang for your buck and get HTC
products on the radar of the tough-to-reach 17-25
music loving demographic.


We spotted an opportunity in the form of UK rock
band Falling Red, who were playing at Hammersmith
Apollo with Steel Panther the following night, and
were able to furnish them with 4 HTC One X handsets, enabling them to film exclusive backstage footage of
the show. The idea was signed off and executed within
24 hours. We edited the footage together, sandwiched
it with HTC branding and seeded it to music blogs.


The footage was put live online within 36 hours
of filming ensuring it was current to the fans who
had seen the band in the flesh on the UK tour.

The video received over 40,000 YouTube views
within 2 weeks of being posted.
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