Readly - All-you-can-eat magazine app
From the newsagent to the app store


How to introduce a brand new app to the UK
market, already live in Sweden and the USA,
which puts popular UK magazines into one
place making digital reading easy
for the consumer.


We introduced the app to the right media, from
key consumer technology titles to niche blogs and
discussion forums relevant to the kind of content
available. We allowed the media to draw the
conclusion that Readly is the ‘Spotify of magazines’,
so the consumer understood the offering quickly.
We built a two-way, conversational social media
presence and relationships with publishers that
allowed key consumer content to be used.


Launch media coverage (online and print)
generated over 180 million opportunities to see
with more than 85% positioning Readly positively
and as a magazine equivalent to Spotify. Over
100,000 App dowmnloads in the first 6 months
following the launch. A Facebook community
of over 7,800 likes and an active Twitter following
of 1,850 people both of which continue to grow.
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