Our F11 Mission


To add creativity and flow to a pre booked event.
We came in late in the day, with various key fixtures
such as the venue already being booked up.
The audience needed to understand where the
business was going and how they were going
to get there together.

With three days of the same audience, keeping
it fresh, interesting and relevant was the key to
making sure that people felt it was worthwhile.


By turning a strategy into My Mission we managed
to capture people's imaginations. Large and bright
touches were added to the venue and we embraced
the light to give an airy and invigorating environment
rather than a darkened out tent. We kept changing
the environment to give breakouts and a different feel
with the final day culminating in a tree-heavy garden theme, that kicking off with Thai Chi.


A very successful event where people understood
what was required of them and how they could
achieve it, while interacting with each other.
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