Team Lidl - Leading the way


To get the company to raise its game and productivity
and catch up with the huge success created by its
new product lines and advertising. With a much higher
footfall in stores and a more luxurious range of
products in store, the pressures on the store
managers were mounting.


By bringing all the store managers together for the
first time, we were able not only to preview the new
advertising, but also to show how our plans for leading
the way as one team. A selection of highly creative
breakouts gave the detail and a beautiful food festival
showed the quality and range of Lidl products and
how they can be enjoyed.

We added a roadshow in a box to this, ensuring the
messages were cascaded to all of the store staff after
the event in a consistent and high quality manner.


A hugely successful event with employees gaining
a real knowledge as well as new skills to help them
improve and meet the new challenges ahead.
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