Roadshow in a Box
So what is Roadshow in a Box?

An innovative way of taking communications and cascading them
to diverse and often disparate audiences across an organisation.

Roadshows can be expensive, time-consuming and incapable
of reaching all of a company’s people.

Roadshow in a Box allows your managers to pass on the
core messages in a consistent and controllable manner.


Consistency of message
Ability to reach an entire workforce
Allows for flexibility of message, so as to connect with the relevant audience
Ability to reuse existing content
Less time-consuming and doesn’t require everyone being brought together
Can be digital, analogue or a mix depending on the audience
Different groups can get different boxes

What do we do?

We work with you to create a package tailored to your audience
which can achieve your objectives.

By looking into the audience and creating key messages, we develop
a creative and interactive package, allowing managers to present and
cascade this information.

So what's in the box?

Each pack is very different, depending on what the needs of the client are.

The core is:

An instructional video, showing one of your managers taking you through
the kit and the presentation

A key piece of print around which the roadshow centres

A how-to booklet that takes managers through the process step by step

Some hold up boards for key points

AV content covering key areas (often repurposed from previous events)
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